053010-Break-A-Way Battery with Charger-Spencer Trailer Parts

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Break-A-Way Battery with Charger

  • Kit Includes:
    • Built-in battery charger
    • Weather-resistant battery box
    • Sealed 12-volt rechargeable 5-amp-hour battery
    • Charges at 1/2 volt below voltage supplied by towing vehicle
    • Break-Away switch
    • LED tester - shows if battery is good, bad or charging
    • Mounting screws
  • Box can be mounted on trailer jack or trailer frame
  • Works with single and tandem axle trailers
  • Has automatic shut-off when fully charged
    • Green indicator light will remain on even when charge is full
  • Dimensions:
    • 5-5/8" Wide x 5-1/8" Tall x 4-1/8" Deep


  • Push button tester lets you know your break away system is ready to go.
  • Box mounts on the side of the trailer tongue.
  • System is designed to bring a trailer safely to a stop by activating its electric brakes, should it disconnect while you are towing.
  • The Breakaway system is designed to bring trailers safely to a stop by activating electric brakes, should a trailer be disconnected while you are driving.
  • This type of safety system is required in most states on trailers rated over 3,000 GVW